What You’ll Find Inside the eBook

  • Political advertising insights and the programmatic landscape.

  • Benefits of programmatic advertising for political campaigns.

  • A look at which generations are voting.

  • Ad formats and channels to explore for political ads.

  • Political audience targeting and programmatic targeting solutions for political advertising.

Connect With Voters Across All Digital Devices

Forty-four percent of adults in the US gather information about upcoming elections through digital channels. With programmatic, you can reach voters across all of their devices and advertising channels, like connected TV, programmatic audio, and display. Try these ad channels in your next digital political campaign.

Tactical Strategies For Your Political Ad Campaigns

When planning your political ad campaign strategy consider all the tools you’ll need to meet your campaign goals. With programmatic, you can take advantage of real-time reporting capabilities to make informed campaign decisions. Learn about the different programmatic features to reach your target voters:

Persuasion and Candidate Lift Icon

Persuasion and Candidate Lift Studies

Lookalike Audiences Icon

Lookalike Audiences

Multi-Channel Targeting Icon

Multi-Channel Targeting

Geographic Targeting Icon

Geographic Targeting

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CRM Onboarding

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