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Season 4 Episode 8

Quick Strategies for Holiday Advertising Success

We're uncovering last-minute strategies that will supercharge your holiday campaigns. Sneha Suhas is joined by programmatic experts, John Carvalho and Aarjav Thakore from StackAdapt, to discuss actionable tips and tailored strategies that will make this holiday season your most successful yet.

  • John Carvalho | Director, Client Services at StackAdapt

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              Must listen for digital marketers

              This show is a must listen for anyone who is in digital marketing. Every episode features a great guest and is packed with helpful insights and takeaways. Love that season 2 has already touched on how the digital landscape has evolved since 2020.


              So great to finally have a podcast in this industry that isn't repeating the same old content. Finding this to be incredibly timely, fresh and insightful. Can't wait for more episodes!

              Great podcast

              This is a great podcast for anybody in programmatic advertising, or anybody who just wants to learn more about it. I like how many different industries are covered to give a well-rounded overview.

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