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  • The future outlook on consumer trends.

U.S. Holiday Season Top Gaining E-commerce Categories, Ranked by Growth Graphic Political Advertising Spend Is Forecasted To Continue To Grow Into 2022 U.S. Holiday Season Top Gaining
E-commerce Categories, Ranked by Growth
% Change vs. Prior Year Grocery and Beverage Health, Fitness and Nutrition Speciality Home Improvement Consumer Electronics and Major Appliances 216.0% 115.8% 84.8% 70.6%

Mobile Touch Points Are Critical for Holiday E-commerce

Online shopping was the safest way to make purchases during the height of the pandemic, and this was evident in the sales growth of brick and mortar and e-commerce.

Strategic Recommendations For Your Campaigns

Consumers now have an overwhelming amount of information and ways to find new products. It is crucial to pinpoint who your audience is and speak to them on a personal level in order to provide them with a coherent consumer experience.

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