What You’ll Find Inside the Report

  • Stats from 102 agency and brand advertisers surveyed by StackAdapt in partnership with Advertiser Perceptions.

  • Insights on how advertisers and brand marketers are preparing for a cookieless future.

  • Tips on how advertisers can leverage contextual strategies for digital campaigns.

  • Strategies for brands to use machine learning and AI to stay competitive.

  • And so much more!

Preparing for the Cookieless Future Pie Chart Only 28% of advertisers have implemented solutions. A majority are exploring potential solutions. Preparing for the Cookieless Future Percent of Respondents 69% 28% 3% Have implemented solutions to prepare for these changes Are expoloring various solutions; plan to implement in next 12 months Not taken any steps

Advertisers Need to Prepare for a Cookieless Future

Advertisers know they need to find solutions and shift to new targeting methodologies in a cookieless digital environment, but many have yet to act.

According to the exclusive report, only 28% have implemented contextual solutions.

The best way to prepare for a seamless transition to cookieless is to explore and implement contextual strategies, now.

Tactical Strategies For Your Contextual Advertising Journey

Advertising technology constantly evolves, and contextual targeting has come a long way since it was first introduced. Now, advertisers have opportunities to leverage contextual targeting to deepen relationships with their customers.

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Audience Targeting

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Taking a Bite Out of Contextual Targeting.

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