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  • Tips on how to build your buyer personas and map out the customer journey.

  • Break down of different advertising channels and their unique advantages.

  • Strategies for targeting your audience.

  • Use cases to illustrate a successful B2B programmatic campaign.

  • Tips on how to build effective and creative digital B2B ads.

Customer Journey Multiple Touchpoints Awareness Interest Evaluation Conclusion

B2B Customer Journey Requires Multiple Touchpoints

The B2B customer journey is long and complex with the average B2B purchase decision taking 16.7 weeks from initial needs identification to completion of purchase. Given this complexity, you need to understand how many people are involved in the decision-making process, what are their needs, and how best to reach them with impactful creatives that resonate.

Strategic Recommendations For Your Campaigns

As B2B marketers, you know that an effective digital campaign is tailored to the unique needs and interests of your target audience. As B2B buyers are searching online for information on solutions to a problem they are looking to solve, or a service they are looking to test, it’s crucial that you place ads in areas where they will be most relevant to your target audience. As you’re planning your B2B digital campaigns, keep in mind the following:

Audience Targeting Icon

Audience Targeting

Geographic Targeting Icon

Geographic Targeting

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Retargeting Strategies

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Multi-Channel Targeting

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CRM Uploads

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Creative Considerations

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